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so now my other friend bailed on me. Now my big send off is just me, myself and I.

I wouldn’t be so upset if it weren’t for the fact i probably wont see them again for years. And honestly i thought i meant more to them then a few 90 minute classes.

Honestly they skip classes all the time and now i ask them to do it, its a oh sorry cant miss class!!!!! yeah nice to know you are here for me asshole.

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"Tauriel’s awkward facial expressions during the dungeon scene" appreciation post. (x)

Okay, but seriously though, Tauriel being the most socially awkward little muffin that ever did live is one of my favourite headcanons from the movies. I just love the idea of her being this incredibly badass, don’t-fucking-mess-with-me Captain of the Guard who’s incredibly beautiful and graceful and competent at her job — but who also has a ridiculously hard time talking about things that aren’t archery and knives and violently slaughtering things. 

I mean, look at the third gif. Tauriel pulls that face after Kili makes the “whosoever looks upon this talisman shall be fOVREVER CURSED” comment. She is fully prepared to just awkward the fuck out of there. Like ‘shit fuck shit I thought we were having an okay conversation mAYBE NOT TAURIEL OUT’ — and then her face when she realizes he’s making a joke!! It just screams ‘slightly lonely elf lady who’s thrown herself into being awesome at her job for thousands of years and doesn’t really know how to normal conversation’ to me. 

I mentioned it to thebatwiggler and she mentioned how cute it would be if Tauriel really wanted to kiss Kili, but kept fretting over how. Like, will bending down insult him?? Should she find something for him to stand on?? And so she tries to always be sitting down or slouching when he’s around and eventually he’s just like ‘miss are you okay???’ and Tauriel’s like YES I AM FINE TOTALLY FINE THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE MOTIVE TO THIS WHATSOEVER I’M GOING TO GO KILL SOMETHING GOOD DAY SIR and I just

I love awkward Tauriel okay she is my favourite.

I just got off the phone with my mom

I wish we could have talked longer but she had work

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One of the best visual representations of the double standards subjected to all women on a daily basis. Reconsider the next time you toss about the words in column 3.

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get to know me meme: [1/5] favorite female characters

"It’s not obedience, Mr. Beckett; it’s respect." - Mako Mori


I’m sorry I was asked to do the thing and I could not resist doing the thing I’m sorry ahhhhahahaha..ha




My mum just referred to Steve Rogers as Mr. America


*applause for perfect use of gif*

ah yes, captain mr. america